Status-driven work order flow, customized by product category and retailer needs

Ensures a consistent job process for contractors and a consistent experience for customers

Detailed cycle time tracking for each step in the process

Contractor Dashboard lists all active work orders

Dashboard Alerts notify Contractor when action needs to be taken to ensure timely completion

Role-based access controls to protect sensitive information

Work Order View provides a single location for all work order related information and functionality

Update Project Status

Create, revise, copy estimates

Schedule appointments (estimate and installation)

Create customer Follow Ups

Store project related documents

Track payments

Manage Service Issues

Electronic review and signing of all required paperwork

State-specific Sale Contracts (50 versions for each product category)

HelloSign integration for electronic signature

QR code reader to validate manually prepared and submitted paperwork

Purchase Orders & Delivery module to track Purchase Orders and delivery

Automated Notifications (Emails/Texts/Auto-dialers)

Customers receive automated emails/texts triggered by status, cycle time or other factors

Ensures consistent customer messaging and follow up

All touches provide link to Customer Portal

Manage Service Issues

Status-driven service issue tracking, tied to original work order and estimate

Electronic review and signing of service-related paperwork, incorporated into Customer Portal

Dedicated Customer Solutions Team to coordinate resolution with customer and contractor