Customized configurations by product, manufacturer and/or geography to simplify estimating

Dynamic selections

Required quantities (pricing and box quantities) can be calculated or manually entered

Customized waste factors, Unit of Measure and required dimensions by product

Labor items are automatically tied to products, sundries and/or accessories

Sundries can be automatically tied to products based on install criteria

Material and Labor items can be bundled together to create pre-packaged offerings

Accommodates any business model: Sell, Furnish and Install, Furnish and Install, Install Only

Ability to load and/or import product, sundry, accessory and labor items

Zip Code based cost and retail pricing logic

Deposit logic based on maximum deposit permitted by state

Promotion logic, tied to items, dollars, specified dates, zip code, etc.

Automated calculation of Sales Tax by Material or Labor via integration with SureTax

Automated generation of Purchase Orders by Vendor

Change Order logic allows for specifications and pricing to be revised and approved after sale

Ensures that final payment reflects actual price

Automated generation of Estimate Summary based on basic measurements and specs, using algorithms and rules set by you.